ASSISTANT Characteristics

The ASSISTANT project is composed of 12 partners. The project is funded by the European Commission and planned to spend about 6 Mio € for the challenging work to be carried out. ASSISTANT is organized in seven technical work packages, accompanied by a management work package and an ethical/GDPR work package. Work packages are devoted to particular objectives and are organized into tasks.

  • 9 work packages
  • 12 milestones
  • 3 years duration
  • 45 deliverables
  • 7 countries
  • 12 partners
  • 6 industries
  • 6 universities and/ or research and technology organization
  • Budget: 5,997.106€


  1. Secure and Intelligent Data Fabric for Manufacturing Companies.
  2. Intelligent Process Planning Tools for Efficient Decision-Making.
  3. Intelligent Production Planning and Scheduling Tools for Streamlined Operations.
  4. Real-Time Control Module for Responsive Action.
  5. Ethical and Human-Centric Digital Twins Network Design.
  6. Validation of ASSISTANT Tools on Diverse Use Cases.
  7. Dissemination and Exploitation of the Human-Centered ASSISTANT Solution.