ASSISTANT Project Demos: Future Manufacturing Experiences

Experience the future of manufacturing with ASSISTANT!

Our comprehensive solution leverages data analytics, AI, and digital twin technologies to optimize processes, overcome uncertainties, and drive efficiency. Discover how ASSISTANT empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, enhance collaboration between humans and robots, and unlock unprecedented performance.


Infraflex Demonstrator

Explore the potential of ASSISTANT on our physical demonstrator, Infraflex. Our solution facilitates end-to-end order processing, from CAD design to real-time execution. With an intelligent network of digital twins, we integrate various aspects, aiding high-level decision-making and enhancing automation, efficiency, quality, and adaptability, particularly during disruptions.

Siemens Energy Use Case Demo

Delve into the world of digital twins for production planning and scheduling with our ISA95-aligned approach. Experience how automation through simulation models and constraint models optimizes schedules, ensuring on-time delivery and heightened in-house machine utilization. Our solution revolutionizes manufacturing operations with advanced decision-making concepts.

Stellantis Use Case Demo

Embark on a journey redefining collaborative assembly in the electric motors’ assembly line. Witness the future of assembly through our Intelligent Digital Twin Demo, showcasing AI-powered modules, CAD planning, AR support, and proactive robotics. Experience the innovation in human-robot cooperation, driving efficiency and revolutionizing the assembly process.

KnowledgeGraph Demo

Immerse yourself in the Knowledge Graph Demo, where data analytics and AI converge for manufacturing excellence. Our innovative Knowledge-Graph Digital Twin enhances data accessibility, actionable insights, and AI model creation. Explore how it revolutionizes production optimization and decision-making, paving the way for a more efficient future.