Work package 1 ensures the achievement of the project’s objectives in terms of scientific quality, timely delivery, and contribution to the expected impact of the project. WP1 aims at achieving efficient progress monitoring, timely and detailed reporting to the EC, constitution and organization of the WP management teams, and proper scientific quality of the deliverables. In terms of consortium management, WP1 objectives are to guarantee sound management of contractual and financial issues, setting-up and maintaining project management tools, good communication in the consortium, proper quality of the delivered reports, financial and contractual management, and reporting to the EC. Consortium management/scientific coordination are placed under coordinator responsibility.


Leader WP1 : Akash KOTKAR

Deliverables :

D1.1 : Project Management Plan

D1.2 : Private web platform

D1.3 : Data Management Plan

D1.4 : First tracking project report

D1.5 : Second tracking project report

D1.6 : Final Report on ASSISTANT

D1.7 : ASSISTANT Open Data sets

D1.8 : Management report 1

D1.9 : Management report 2