Work package 2 ensures that ethical, legal, and policy issues in the context of AI systems in the manufacturing space are “ethical by design”. Using the Assessment list of Trustworthy AI, developed by the High Level Expert Group on AI (HLEG). It seeks to ensure that the Ethical guidelines will inform decisions about the way in which AI tools designed and developed in responding to the key scientific challenges. As well as embedding ethics within the technical WPs, WP2 will aim to use the experiences of ASSISTANT as a case study in understanding the key ethical challenges raised in order to make major inputs to the broader discussion about the role of ethical considerations on the application of AI tools in different manufacturing environments.


Leader WP2 : Gabriel Gonzalez Castane

Deliverables :

D2.1 : Initial architecture document

D2.2 : Intermediate architecture document

D2.3 : Management plans and ethics design methodology

D2.4 : Final architecture document

D2.5 : Refined ethical framework and methodology for manufacturing