Work package 3 considers a data-oriented digital twin for the planning of production processes. Using a digital representation of the production line and its resources, the digital twin predicts the product and process quality, concludes the impact of product and process changes, and designs process plans which fulfill predefined KPIs.

  • The digital twin for change management in process planning identifies possible process plans and includes visualization and inspection techniques for various production roles (e.g. process planer). It enables the ethical integration of the following AI functionalities and modules.
  • Predictive analytics modules determine process quality, product quality, and consider the impacts of changes based on data.
  • A generative and automated process planning functionality designs and redesigns robust process plans with various contradicting KPIs by comparing requirements with skills.


Leader WP3 : Marc Wegmann

Deliverables :

D3.1 : Requirements for Intelligent digital twin for process planning

D3.2 : Digital twin for change management in process planning

D3.3 : Predictive analytics module

D3.4 : Automated process planing functionalities

D3.5 : Update version of software of WP3