The Work Package 5 will pursue different objectives that are related to real-time actuation and putting the human in the core of technology. In more detail, it will include: (a) cognition embedded Digital twin for robot behavior adaptation and execution reconfiguration (b) smart interfaces for assisting human operators on the production line and (c) Human intention recognition for seamless human robot collaboration.

Key outputs:

  • Creation of Human side smart interfaces to support Human Operators with instructions, provide awareness for Robot behavior and, online interaction with the production system
  • Development of Digital Twin for real time production line monitoring and reconfiguration for Enhanced production modelling, Real time sensor data acquisition and Virtual representation of the shopfloor
  • Deployment of Artificial Intelligence modules for flexible fenceless Human-robot collaborative assembly for safe Robot behavior based on human presence and envirnment changes and dynamic work organization according to operator’s intention and robot’s workload


Leader WP5 : Christos GKOURNELOS

Deliverables :

D5.1 : Requirements for multi-level reconfigurable manufacturing execution

D5.2 : Digital twin for reconfigurable manufacturing execution

D5.3 : Process execution control level reconfiguration

D5.4 : Resource control level reconfiguration

D5.5 : Updated version of software of WP5