Work Package 8 will focus on the appropriate channels, means and activities, in order to raise awareness amongst the industrial and research community and to embody the results of the project in open source communities and standardization bodies by achieving wide communication and scientific dissemination of these results to key audiences, such as the IT industry, research communities, EU projects, engineers, developers and open source communities. Work Package 8 will also try to grow a community of early adopters around the project’s concepts and tools by positioning the project as a recognized set of solutions supporting decision-making, optimization and reconfigurability in relevant industry media including websites, events, workshops and conferences. Pragmatic exploitation plans, commercialization strategies and open source business models will also be implemented, in order to ensure the sustainability of the project’s results beyond the actual duration of the project.


Leader WP8 : CHONDROGIANNIS Nikolaos

Deliverables :

D8.1 : Initial dissemination and communication plan

D8.2 : Interim dissemination and communication report

D8.3 : Interim exploitation report

D8.4 : Final dissemination and communication report

D8.5 : Final exploitation report