The objectives of Work Package 7 are:

  • The integration of software tools: different tools from WP2-6 need to be integrated into a single software package. The software needs to be extensible, so that it can be applied to different manufacturing contexts and allows one to introduce new AI tools beyond the tools created within this project.
  • The creation of the demonstrator cases. The demonstrator cases are intended for dissemination and early validation. The ownership of demonstrator cases lies with (one of) the research partners. Therefore, they can be easily used as a controlled environment for validating early results of the project and lowering the threshold of applying the methodology to industrial use cases.
  • The validation of the ASSISTANT methodology on the industrial use cases. The results of the project will be demonstrated and validated in different manufacturing use cases. The industrial use cases are intended to show that the research results are relevant and generic, i.e., applicable in different contexts. Evaluations w.r.t. the KPIs will be carried out on the use cases, in order to quantify research results.


Leader WP7 : Jan Lamote

Deliverables :

D7.1 : Industrial requirement and validation metrics

D7.2 : Flexible assembly line demonstrator case, interim version

D7.3 : PSA use case – interim version

D7.4 : AC use case – interim version

D7.5 : SE use case – interim version

D7.6 : Flexible assembly line demonstrator case, final version

D7.7 : Data fabric demonstrator

D7.8 : PSA use case validation

D7.9 : AC use case validation

D7.10 : SE use case validation