NEWSLETTER: Time for synergy with ICT-38 H2020 Projects

Today it is difficult to work alone without being attentive to your environment or belonging to a cluster sharing the same vision, mainly in the fields of industry and research. Especially when it comes to implement large-scale technologies or complex manufacturing systems. Companies/industries find their efficiency and strong competitive value in the high quality of their supply chain. This means that synergy has become the key word. Same for complex project. ASSISTANT is not a lone wolf. In the spirit of building synergy, not only to share knowledge between projects, mainly in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and other high-tech fiedls, but also to transmit this knowledge to the general public, ASSISTANT surrounds itself with other projects grouped under an H2020-ICT-38-2020call: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FOR MANUFACTURING funded via the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 program. These projects are going to provide trustworthy AI for manufacturing systems. Several academic and industrial experts are involved to achieve these goals. This synergy has already materialized through various meetings, workshops, and the organization of special sessions at scientific conferences. We inform you that a special session on the ASSISTANT project is organized as part of the Advances in Production Management Systems 2021 (APMS 2021) conference which will be held in Nantes (online) from September 5, 2021 to September 9, 2021. ASSISTANT as usual, will keep you informed of the various discoveries during this session. Stay connected and tuned by following our news on LinkedIn: and Twitter: